Original Linux driver for Sony BD Remote

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Very long time ago I’ve bought  Sony Blu-Ray Disc Remote Control for PS3 to use with my Linux based HTPC. Virtually, by that time there was no support for this device in Linux, so I had to write my own “driver” in form of stand-alone helper daemon which acts as remote LIRC server and feed LIRC with events from remote.

Idea is simple. Daemon is listening Bluetooth for appearance of BD Remote with given BT Address and establish connection to it. At the same time daemon listening tcp port on localhost for connection from lircd. When both connections are established, daemon generate proper keypress events and send them to lircd when you press keys on remote control.

To use it, first you will need to download sources for BT BD Remote Daemon (v. 0.2)

Then you need to compile it. Just type “make” in directory with source files. You’ll get binary called “bdremoted”. You can copy it whenever it suits you. For example to /usr/local/sbin.

Before using daemon you have to figure out bluetooth address of you remote control.

For next I assume that you have installed and properly configured linux bluetooth stack


Now you can type in root console “hcitool scan” and then press simultaneously “Start” and “Enter” buttons on remote for about 5 seconds.

You should see something like:

hostname # hcitool scan

Scanning …

00:19:C1:5A:F1:3F       BD Remote Control

hostname #

00:19:C1:5A:F1:3F – is the address of your remote, which you can use for configuration.

Now, when you know address of your remote you can start daemon as:
# /usr/local/sbin/bdremoted -a 00:19:C1:5A:F1:3F -p 8888

Now it will wait for connection from device with ADDR=00:19:C1:5A:F1:3F and listen port 8888 on localhost for incoming lircd connections.

Then you’ll need to start lircd as:
# lircd -H null --connect

In principal, you should get now fully working configuration.

When you press any key on remote for the first time, it will establish connection with daemon (so, be patient, it will take some extra time before you’ll get response from first keypress).

You can check what is going on by using “irw” command from lirc suite. If you press keys on remote you should see something like:

hostname# irw
000B 00 enter SonyBDRemote
0055 00 right SonyBDRemote

Full list of defined keynames you can find in file keys.txt included into archive with source files.